Written by: Mark Millar

Art by: Olivier Coipel

Colors by: Dave Stewart

Letters by: Peter Hoherty

Release Date: June 13th, 2018

I just know I will take a lot of flack for this next sentence. I typically stick to reading titles from the Big Two and rarely branch out to other publishers. So when my friend gave me this series and told me I HAD to read it…I was a little skeptical. Well, now that I have…I prepared a freshly cooked meal of crow to eat. This book was so good that I read it three times before writing this review. THREE. TIMES. 

Our story opens with a murder. Now that might seem a bit cliche, but this is a murder that might even make a villain like Voldemort cringe. Black magic of the darkest type was used to commit this foul deed. From there, we are introduced to a dysfunctional family – the Moonstones: the talented, but troubled Cordelia; patriarch Leonard; hot-headed Regan, yet is the good son; and the magical black sheep of the family, Gabriel, a man who wants nothing to do with his family’s world. I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but there is a lot of character development filled in just over 20 pages. At the same time, readers are left with so many questions. Why is Gabriel done with magic? Who is Madame Albany? Most importantly, who is the murderer?

Olivier Coipel’s art really suits the gritty murder mystery that Millar is presenting to readers. I’m used to seeing his work on majestic characters like Thor and the other Avengers or in shadows like Batman. Here…Coipel shows us that there is a world beneath the normal one. A world that is filled with wonder, grime, and gore. His work shows that detail on a level that rivals Gary Frank.

I definitely recommend this title. I’m trying to finish this review as quickly as possible so I can start issue two! All six issues are out, so there is no excuse why you’re not reading this book. Don’t wait for the Netflix show!


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