Writer: James Tynion The Fourth

Art and Cover: Francis Manapul

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Release date: 04/17/19

 Let’s be honest, we all love a great villain. They make the story exciting and give us a reason to question whether or not our favorite heroes will make it out alive. Quite frankly, the Legion of Doom could easily be considered one of the most fearsome villain team ups in all of pop culture. This latest run of Justice League has shown them gaining the upper hand on more than one occasion over the League. So, whenever James Tynion takes the reigns for a special Legion of Doom takeover issue, I know we’re in for a devilish treat. This issue just might possibly be the best yet.

  Anybody familiar with DC lore knows just how extensive and complex it can be and well, this issue gives us our first look at quiet literally the beginning of it all. Tynion gives us a brief history lesson of the first three beings to exist in the DC Multiverse; the World Forger, Monitor, and Anti-Monitor, and how their mother Perpetua fits into it all. One series of panels I particularly enjoyed was the callback to the previous DC event Metal’s main antagonist, Barbatos, and how his initial function was to consume the universes that would not rise to their full potential. Jumping forward billions of years numerous times throughout the book, we ultimately get a look at the rise and fall of Perpetua and just how she came to be sealed within the Source Wall.

  Manapul is able to give us such a vivid idea of just how grand these cosmic beings are. Its not often today an artist will do both pencil work and coloring, yet Manapul seems to be a master of both. During the series of panels in which Perpetua was imprisoned, he and Napolitano do a beautiful job in showing you just how mighty the powers at play are. Seeing Perpetua in her full form makes you wonder just how the League will be able to match her. And how could we forget the special guest who was inside Luthor’s 5th Dimensional mystery box, Bat-mite! That’s right, Batman’s number 1 fan was Lex Luthor’s contingency plan to counter Mr. Mxyzptlk running rampant and unimagining things out of existence, and I’m eager to see how things play out.

In the end, this was not only just an amazing book to read, but an important chapter in the DC history books. Not only do we see the birth of the multiverse itself, but we get to see the embers spark of what many would call the first major comic book event, “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. Tynion wraps things up by chaining all the previous events into todays battle against the Justice League and the Legion of Doom and giving us an idea of how things with Perpetua might play out, but there’s only one way to know for sure.


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