Writer:Grant Morrison

Art: Liam Sharp

Legendary writer Grant Morrison and All Star artist Liam Sharp deliver us another emerald jewel in the cosmic symphony that is The Green Lantern #7. Hal Jordan is dead! Or is he? In the wake of “Total Annihilation” Hal Jordan had to use every ounce of will to disarm the U-Bomb. Regardless of the cost of his own life, Hal would gladly risk it all to save the universe.

Everything comes with a cost and that price is The Emerald Sands! With Green Lantern absorbing ten to the 44th power joules ,which is about the equivalent of a supernova, Energy from the U-Bomb into his power ring along with himself, has left his ring powerless and himself stranded inside. Floating in the cold void of space is where Hal finds himself lost in the green lifeless desert that is the Emerald Sands. The Wizard Myrwhydden awaits our space cop, is he friend or foe? Only time will tell.

This issue was absolutely astounding. A poetic telling of love and death and the will it takes to live. Even when everything is stacked against you in the desert of decay that doesn’t end. Hal is more like a nomad in this story where he must find any hope of escaping. This is easily the best book on the shelves, in 20 years from now this will be the Green Lantern series your local comic book store will be recommending.


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