Writer: Bryan Edward Hill

Artist: Dexter Soy

Colors: Veronica Gandini

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Release Date: 5/8/19

  The long-awaited team up has finally arrived! Batman has called upon his very own black-ops team to work covertly in the shadows, bring in The Outsiders! The team of Cassandra Cain, The Signal, Katana, and their leader; Black Lightning seem to pick up right where Bryan Hill left off in the pages of Detective Comics. Still a newly formed group with kinks to work out, I thoroughly enjoy the team’s dynamic. The two veteran heroes in Black Lightning and Katana take on the mentor roles for the two badass JV heroes in Signal and Cassandra Cain, or as she’s referred to now as Orphan. Batman has tasked the four of them with a search and rescue mission with no holds barred, how will each of them fare as they face their own personal struggles while continuing to carry out his assignment?

Bryan Edward Hill has created one glorious opening issue, developing conflict within the first few pages that’ll have you hooked. Dexter Soy adds art that carries the dialogue perfectly. His artistic style seems to fit seamlessly in a fast paced, action packed book such as this one. From the slash of Katana’s sword, to the bolts of electricity conjured up by Black Lightning, to every explosion in between; Veronica Gandini’s color work added to Soy’s art draws the readers eyes right to the focal point of each panel. If you you’d like a perfect example of how striking the art is, let me direct you to the splash page of Batman zip-lining above the rest of his Outsider squad. I’ve mentioned in some of my previous reviews how much I appreciate great lettering, and Clayton Cowles delivers just that. Using colors to differentiate the internal dialogue within the text boxes is just one of the little things that makes for more enjoyable, less messy reading.

Batman and the Outsiders may have faced some delays before finally hitting the shelves, but for those fans who’ve been patiently waiting, it will definitely be worth the wait. Hill has laid the foundation for what could be an exhilarating story. By bringing in a new villain, and name dropping one of Batman’s rogues in the same issue, issue #1 has me very eager to see where things go. Stop by your local comic book store and pick up Batman and The Outsiders today!


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