Writer: Robert Venditti

Penciler: Bryan Hitch

Inker: Andrew Currie, Norm Rapmund, Scott Hanna

Colorer: Jeremiah Skipper

Letterer: Richard Starkings

Release Date: May 8th, 2019

I think it takes a special person to enjoy and appreciate Hawkman. Here’s a hero whose story is one that focuses on destiny, eternity, and reincarnation. A hero who is cursed or blessed, depending on the reader, with being reincarnated and getting the opportunity to be reunited with his true love over and over. As many can no doubt assume, that caused Hawkman’s continuity to become a bit of a torrid heap. This is probably why the character doesn’t have more fans. However, that’s all changed with the team of Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch. Together, they’ve breathed new life into this classic character. This first 12 issue story-arc is a MUST for any Hawkman fan or future fans.

Now, we get to the magnum opus of Venditti and Hitch’s Hawkman. When last we left our hero, Carter Hall had called forth all his previous incarnations to battle the Deathbringers and we thought the tide was finally turned. That was not the case as their foes’ giant mechs arrived to lay waste to the planet. This issue features the final battle between the swarm of Hawkmen and the Deathbringers. On a personal note, it is the showdown between former friends and comrades – Idamm and Carter Hall. Will the heroes overcome these insurmountable odds and save the planet? If they are victorious, what’s next for Carter? Is there another foe on the horizon as we approach the Year of the Villian? These questions require you to go out and buy this issue today!

If there was an issue for Bryan Hitch to go all out on, this was it. He always brings his A-game to everything he does. That continues with this issue. Hitch again shows readers his mastery of detail, such as with page 2. Need a panel of hundreds of Hawkmen forming a swarm to face the Deathbringers? There are few people that I would think can pull it off and Hitch is towards the top of that list. Then there’s page 19, where the memories of all the previous incarnations of Hawkman are put into Carter. I loved staring at the minute details of each of the incarnations shown – Katar Hol, Golden Age Carter, Prince Khufu, Catar-Ol. Hitch took his time and fleshed out each glimpse into their world. Lastly, I have to talk about the beautiful cover that Hitch and Alex Sinclair. This cover is one that I would frame and hang up in my lair. I love how all the Hawkmen are soaring up to the sun. Then you get some amazing color work on that sun by Sinclair. I can just see the warmth emanating from the sun and washing all over the characters.

I can’t sing enough praises about this book. I’ll admit that I was skeptical about the new direction and origin that Venditti put together for Hawkman. However, after reading these first twelve issues, I’m excited to see what else is in store for the character. Hawkman’s old origin has been blended together with Venditti’s new take and it absolutely works. I will miss Bryan Hitch on this series, but I am looking forward to whatever project he has lined up next. I can only hope the next artist puts his all into this book like Bryan did. Fans definitely deserve to see Hawkman stick around for 100 issues.


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