Writer: Tom King

Artist: Clay Mann

Colorist: Tomeu Morey

This issue runs us through at least a couple dozen heroes and anti-heroes, and the issues they’ve faced in their infancy; such as death, fear, pain, and loss of loved ones. The most notable focus is definitely everyone’s favorite Scarlet Speedster, The Fastest Man Alive, Wally R. West. Wally’s pain has been the main focus throughout this whole series. Why you ask? Because he is wanted for murder, a murder for a crime that he did not commit. Yet, in this topsy turvy time travel Ground Hog Day murder loop, Wally is also the victim by his own hand.

Wally West is a victim, a victim of so much more than the crimes of his own time remnant, considering the pain and suffering he’s been through, I mean his wife and two children were erased from the timeline via Flashpoint. Wally has dealt with almost an immeasurable amount of pain, and that pain has caused him to act out like a mad man, and we will call him a fake, an imposter, a complete abandonment of what this character is. Right? No, no we will not, because we are seeing a man so broken, so anxious, so beside himself in grief and desperation that we have no idea what he would do. Impossible pain gives us impossible results.

This issue wrap ups and thoroughly explains the fallout of this crisis. It’s not all gloom and doom there is some rather comedic mentions of someone’s birthday party. Loved ones long forgotten receive a sweet reunion. Death is not always the end.

Tom King has truly composed a deep and meaningful story, a tale full of issues that a lot of writers avoid, such as mental illness, depression, suicide, PTSD, and domestic abuse – just to name a few. These are heroes and just because heroes have super strength, super speed or magic rings does not mean they do not hurt and suffer just like the rest of us.


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