Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist: Liam Sharp

Colorist: Steve Oliff

Letterer: Tom Orzechowski

Editor: Brian Cunningham

When I was 13 I remember reading Hard Traveling Heroes by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams for the first time. I loved every page and it opened my eyes up to one of the greatest friendships comics has to offer. I’m of course talking about Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen. So I was very excited when I saw that Grant Morrison and Liam Sharpe were reuniting this pair in their already fantastic Green Lantern run. This issue did not disappoint.

Morrison and Sharp have tapped into a gold mine of creative energy. They’ve found a way to pay homage to the wacky Green Lantern comics of the 70s, while still keeping their story fresh and exciting. This issue is a delight from start to finish. Morrison fills these pages with plenty of awesome easter eggs for DC fans of every generation. Oliver and Hal’s dialogue is smart and so true to the essence of the who the characters are. This issue explores how the two heroes are different and why they work so well together. This being a Morrison book means that it’s bound to get pretty crazy at some point and it certainly does just that. Morrison is able to tell a great self contained story with this book. The pacing is fantastic and it’s impressive how much he was able to fit into one issue. This is largely due to the brilliant work of artist Liam Sharp. His work is so detailed and downright beautiful. A lot of artists make Green Lantern constructs appear see through, but Liam has them appear solid. I love the effect this has and how real it makes the constructs seem. There is a winged horse in particular that blew my mind. If Morrison and Sharp decided to do a Green Arrow/Green Lantern series for the long haul I would add it to my pull list in a heartbeat. I should also add that the last panel of this issue made me very excited for what’s to come.


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