Written by: Geoff Johns

Art by: Dale Eaglesham, Marco Santucci, Scott Kolins

Colors by: Mike Atiyeh

Letters by: Rob Leigh

Release Date: June 5th,

I know that I’ve said this before, but there really is something that draws me to the characters in Shazam. I look forward to this book every month. Geoff Johns has done a fantastic job re-crafting the world of Shazam. Readers do get that connection between the recent movie and this series. There are things that catch my eye and immediately remind me of a movie scene.

This month’s issue opens with Billy and Mary continuing their battle against King Kid and his armies, in an attempt to free themselves to find their family. They are successful and make it back into the Nexus roadways that connect the Magiclands. Meanwhile, Black Adam’s battle against Dr. Sivana continues with destructive consequences. I’m a huge fan of Sivana’s portrayal here as it reminds me of his characterization from the movie. The magic eye, his obsession with magic, his partnership with Mr. Mind. With a few alterations, this story could work as a sequel to the movie. Getting back to the issue, as a result of this battle, Billy and Mary are catapulted back to their house and Billy comes face to face with someone from his past – his father. Want to find out what happens next? Go out and get this book!

The interior art on this book continues to deliver with each issue. I believe that the artistic duty split between the separate stories in this issue is a smart move. Each artist brings something different to the table. Eaglesham’s art always brings me a sense of joy. The emotions that he is able to convey in his pencils are fantastic. From the smiles that Mary and Billy have on page 2 to the tears Billy sheds when he’s reunited with his dad…I feel it all. Then we come to Marco Santucci. I commented on this last month, but his style absolutely suits a character like Black Adam. The intensity that is conveyed from his panels of the battle between Sivana and Adam is marvelous. Lastly, Scott Kolins is again the artist working on the story of Pedro and Eugene in the Gamelands. I never tire of his unique style. The tight penciling and lack of shadows bring about a very clean result. I feel that this style allows readers to focus on other details they might miss – such as the veins on Shazam’s body or the shocked eyes that Pedro and Eugene have.

Eaglesham’s cover needs to be talked about as well. I love how the lightning bolt comes across the cover and splits Billy in half. It really showcases the dichotomy in his life between his past and present, his father and his foster family, Billy and Shazam/Captain Marvel/whatever you want to call him. Atiyeh’s command of colors continues to amaze me.

All in all, I’d have to say that Shazam is one heck of a great book. If you’re not reading it, you’re missing out.


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