Writer: Tom King

Penciler: Andy Kubert

Inker: Sandra Hope

Colorist: Brad Anderson

Letters: Clayton Cowles

In June Tom King sent the following tweet: “My whole life I thought Superman would be a labor to write. Turns out it’s a joy. He just does the right thing, and you follow the thread.” King perfectly sums up what his Superman story is. It follows Superman on his quest to do the right thing. No matter how far away that may take him. I’ve been following this book since it’s initial release through the Walmart superhero giant issues. This issue combines the first two parts in Kings 12 part story.

I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s perfect for new readers and for die-hard Superman fans. It has all the characters you know and love and it really is a joy to read. People may think that King only deals in dark and heavy subject matter, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He easily taps into the kindness and heart of the character, Superman. Throughout this first issue you can see the love Superman has for planet earth and the respect King has for the big blue boy scout.

Andy Kubert does phenomenal work on this book from front to back. He makes Superman seem so relatable, while also making him powerful at the same time. Throughout this issue we get to see many different characters and environments from the world of DC. Kubert nails every moment. The reason Kubert’s art connects so well is due to the other members of the art team. Sandra Hope is truly one of the best inkers in the business and this book is a testament to that fact. If you want to see examples of her amazing work on this book I suggest you head to her YouTube channel to check out some examples. There is one video in particular where she is working on Superman’s cape and it is mesmerizing. The final piece that really ties all of this artistic talent together is Brad Anderson. Brad’s color in this book is absolutely flawless. Superman’s costume looks so bright and clean that it leaps off the page.

Tom King always has brilliant artists surrounding his work and this book is no exception. Another staple of Tom King’s work is that there is plenty of (brilliant) dialogue to go around. Clayton Cowles does an excellent job blending the lettering into this book. It doesn’t take away from anything happening on the page and really adds to the reading experience. Tom King has Superman on a mission to do the right thing and I am happy to be along for the ride.


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