Home Comics Adventures of the Super Sons #12

Adventures of the Super Sons #12


Peter J. Tomasi, writer

Scott Godlewski, pencils & inks

Protobunker, colors

Rob Leigh, letters


In the previous issue, The Super Sons continued their fight against Rex and his gang of neophyte alien villains. Rex gets the upper hand, and he gains control of The Hypercube.  He traps Damian and Jonathan in a Nowhere Dimension and then threatens to expedite his plans to overthrow Earth and all other galaxies. In the final issue of this 12-issue maxiseries The Super Sons meet the living essence of The Hypercube, “The Cube.” The Cube has been in existence as a bystander since the beginning. It created Rex and his kid-gang of villains to be a part of a story; however, Rex quickly went rogue and became evil. Super Boy and Robin obtain help from The Cube to escape the Nowhere Dimension and defeat Rex. 

The charm of this series has always been the relationship between Damian and Jonathan. Damian is a snarky know-it-all, which makes him assume the worst in people. Jonathan is overpowered and naive, which makes him overlook their vulnerabilities. Together, they are a wonderful and interesting team. This final issue highlighted these dynamics perfectly. Super-Boy’s desire to protect humanity leads him to ask The Cube to bring The Puppeteer back to life (see issue #1 of this series). Damian’s knowledge of tech and organized thinking leads to their escape from The Hypercube. 

Another strength of the series is the pace and creativity of the story. The art supports the pacing of the exposition and has been strong throughout. This issue had several highlights.  The escape from The Hypercube highlights a dynamic panel that pictures Robin and Super-Boy bounding through an energy blast. Later, the depiction of the hand-to-hand combat between the Super-Sons and Rex is exciting and builds on the emotion of the reader. I was especially satisfied with the sidekick Damian lands to the head of Rex during the sequence. 

Final Impressions

This series has been a frolicking, romp-through-space adventure for the Super-Sons. In this final issue, Tomasi builds in a narrative that both ties up the loose ends in this series and sets up the potential for future stories. I highly recommend this issue and the entire series for fans of Jonathan and Damian.


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