Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist and Cover: Joe Quinones

Coloring: Jordan Gibson

Lettering: Dave Sharpe

Do you want a great story? Do you want entertainment for the full duration of your reading? All you have to do is Dial…..Dial H For Holy Cow this book is great.

Miguel Montez is just like every kid. He’s young, angry at the world after his parent’s death, and really loves Superman. Oh and he stumbles across an H-Dial that allows him to turn into various superheroes with different Secret Origins. When a mysterious voice known only as “The Operator” tells Miguel about an evil force called Mister Thunderbolt who is trying to break free of the Heroverse it starts a race around the country as Miguel and his friend Summer are trying to find Superman to get his help. However, Miguel is separated from Summer when Mister Thunderbolt tricks him into freeing him Miguel chases him into the Heroverse alone.

When this book was originally announced I knew absolutely nothing about the H-Dial. However, I have read a decent portion of Sam Humphries’ writing and enjoyed all of it for the most part and the concept sounded interesting enough. Adding this book is one of the best decisions I’ve made when it comes to comics. The characters are likable, the references to the larger  universe are great, and the story is really fun to read. 

This issue picks up with Miguel in the Heroverse and features quick callbacks to different origins from the DC universe as Miguel chases after Mister Thunderbolt. The way Quinones mixes a modern art style with the old school Gold and Silver Age art styles makes me love this book so much more. This issue uses DC Universe cameos as a way of exploring what really makes a hero and while this isn’t a super fresh topic to explore it does so by using the anxieties and self doubts everyone goes through on a daily basis.

Like almost every issue of this series so far Issue 5 ends in a way that makes me wish I had waited for the trade to read this because I want to get the next slice of the story right away. If you’re not already following this book you need to add it to your pull list immediately and if you are buying it, but aren’t making it a priority you need to start making it one. Go out and get this book now!

Until next time…Keep being Amazing, Keep being Spectacular, But most importantly….Keep being a Legionnaire. 


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