Writer: Tom King

Pencils: Tony S. Daniel

Inks: Tony S. Daniel, Sanou Florea & Norm Rapmund

Colors: Tomeu Morey

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Things are not going well for the Dark Knight. Gotham City is under the control of Bane. The Bat Family and Justice League are unable to enter Gotham without Alfred paying the price. The government won’t interfere because in their eyes “Gotham’s peaceful and that’s all they care about”. Did I mention that Gotham is being patrolled by Thomas Wayne’s gun wielding Batman and the incredibly powerful and unstable Gotham Girl? There is a bright side though! The Bat and Cat are together again…sort of.

Tom King has done an excellent job building up to this endgame. As of right now Bane has won, and it’s not a question. This issue explores the new world order in Gotham. It’s full of amazing moments. We finally get to see what happens when a superhero enters Gotham, and that scene doesn’t disappoint. We get a look at what happens to villains who aren’t on board with Bane’s way of doing things. I won’t go into too much detail to avoid spoilers, but one of my favorite King written characters returns and the result is tragically hilarious. Tom King makes it incredibly hard to not root for Thomas Wayne and his new sidekick Gotham Girl. They are both such interesting characters and King writes them beautifully. Every great villain truly believes they are right, and it’s easy to see that they both feel that way. It’s hard to argue with their results. King also makes time in this jam-packed issue for a very emotional Bat/Cat scene and an excellent conversation between Damian Wayne and Tim Drake. These two Robins go about their business in very different ways and it makes for great back and forth between the two.

The City Of Bane couldn’t feel so real without the hard work of Tony S. Daniel, Sanou Florea, & Norm Rapmund. Daniel’s style is so perfect for Thomas Wayne and Gotham Girl. He makes them feel larger than life and is a large part of the reason it’s so easy to root for them. (Plus, glowing red eyes are badass.) This issue is great for establishing what the new rules are. Tom King has poured his heart and soul into this story and it shows in every page. For the first time in a long time I’m unsure how Batman is going to save the day. It’s an exciting time to be a reader.


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