Christopher Priest, writer

Fernando Pasarin, pencils

Cam Smith, inks 

Jeremy Cox, colors

Willie Schubert, letters 


This issue begins, Jericho communicates with Red Arrow telepathically, convincing Red Arrow that his father’s death was not their fault. Meanwhile, Rose pursues Shado for the same reason: to confront Deathstroke’s killer. However, Lex Luthor interrupts Jericho’s efforts with an offer for him to have a new suit which will enhance Jericho’s powers. Jericho accepts Luthor’s suit. He uses the new suit to pursue Rose before she can harm Shado. He pulls her out of combat with Shado, after the fight was well underway. 

The story evolves through the eyes of Jericho as he experiences a series of delusions, and flashbacks. The larger topic is the pursuit of Deathstroke’s killer. The interesting part is Jericho’s attempts to shield his sister Rose by accepting blame but Rose knowing better because of how Deathstroke died. In addition, this conundrum affords Rose and Jericho an opportunity to share a sibling moment, a flashback, that reveals their common experiences and adds further emotional weight to the story. 

I was confused at times because it’s not easy to follow the different threads. However, I found the difficulty inviting and it made me want to take the time to figure things out. Specifically, I was confused whether what I was reading was the progression of the story or Jericho’s delusion. However, this storytelling style fits with the Deathstroke mystique as that character is multi-dimensional, and a master of disguises. 

The art is descriptive and captures the emotional beats of the story accurately. The panel layouts are organized, which makes the story feel fluid and well-paced. My favorite part of the art is the combat scenes between Rose and Shado. The karate is well-choreographed, and the art gives the characters a kinetic and powerful appearance. 

Final Impressions

If you ever wondered what superpowers Deathstroke possess or what his greatest attribute is, you learn about it in this issue. Deathstroke’s children suffer as they struggle to make sense, assign blame, and hold accountable the one guilty for his death. I highly recommend this story for fans of Deathstroke and the Teen Titans.  


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