Writer:Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV

Artist: Bruno Redondo

Letterer: Tom Napolitano


This week’s newest chapter of the epic cosmic adventure known as The Justice League serves mostly as a recap of writer Scott Snyder’s events starting from Dark Nights Metal, going through No Justice and the Omega Titans, through the tales of The Totality and the 7 hidden forces,and into the journey through the sixth dimension and most recently the offer that Lex Luthor has presented many of DC Comic’s greatest villains. And The best part about it, is it’s told from the perspective of Batman’s favorite Robin Jarro.

So outside of being a recap of all the major events from Scott Snyder and friends this issue also touches lightly on the many ongoing stories that have been told across the greater DC Comics landscape. Such as Aquaman’s Drowned Earth event that was also featured during this current run of the Justice League. We also briefly glimpse into the recent Flash events such as The Force Quest and Flash”s new Year One retelling as well as getting to see parts of Wonder Woman’s many battles through her own series and her events involving The Justice League Dark.

I really think Snyder did a fantastic job in this chapter by being able to quickly cover and conquer so much content in such a brief yet meaningful way, I feel like this was the perfect time to tell such a story as it offers both new readers and those who might have stepped away to regain their footing with the complex series of ongoing events to help them get back into the action going forward from here.

My personal favorite part of this story has to be the man the myth, the legend himself Jarro, who does an awesome job at retelling his own origin story from mighty space conqueror to enslaver of the universe to his ultimate sacrifice and rebirth as Batman’s favorite Robin the mighty Jarro.

I love how Snyder has turned this one off joke into such a serious and super adorable edition to the Justice League and after reading this story I’m even more excited about what’s next to come in the pages of future Justice League issues,

Ultimately I think this issue released at the perfect time and  that it serves as an excellent way to catch all of us back up to speed on all the many happenings that are transpiring across the entire Multiverse. Truly a must read issue for anyone looking to get back into the series and anyone who wants to join the fight that awaits us all as Prepetua approaches. 


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