Writer: Kieron Gillen

Art: Stephanie Hans

Designs by: Rian Hughes

Letters by: Clayton Cowles

Release Date: August 7th, 2019

I have never been much into D&D. Chalk it up to not having friends that were fans, subpar writing skills to create a campaign or a mother who refused to let her son play something that was, in her words, demonic. Whatever your choice the result was the same – I never experienced the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Reading the Die series really makes me regret that missed opportunity. This is another great series that makes me a bit shameful that I haven’t focused more on creator-owned books. A fantastic world that deserves consideration for television adaptation!
Gillen continues to craft a masterful story for readers. As the last issue drew to a close, we thought that our heroes were victorious and about to return home and their lives. Those hopes were quickly trampled on as two of the group – Isabelle and Chuck express their desire to stay in Die. The duo quickly teleports away, leaving the other three with their former friend, Sol – now turned into an undead Fallen. This issue opens in the aftermath of the Fall of Glass Town. Ash, Angela, and Matt are left to witness the consequences of their actions. There are several revelations in this issue, connecting back to the last time the group was in Die. I really appreciated the strides in character development that are made – especially in the case of Angela. Her mental state is one that I sympathize with, even if I never experienced the same obstacles that she has in her personal life. Angela is a very passionate and loving character, almost too much, and that is evident in her relationship with the cyber-dog Case. 
The artwork for this series…oh my goodness. I don’t know if there are words that can accurately describe what we see on the printed page. Hans’ style is absolutely amazing. I have been reading comics a long time and aside from maybe Alex Ross, I don’t think there are many artists out there that have visuals and art on this level. That’s no insult to any other artist out there. There is just something different and special with what Stephanie Hans does in this series. The pages are filled with beauty and devastation that are glorious. She puts just as much work into her characters and facial expressions as she does with the backgrounds. I especially enjoyed and appreciated the work she put into Case. There are panels that make me smile and think fondly of my own dog. You can really see the love that Case and Angela have for each other. 

This is a book that I look forward to whenever it is solicited. The world that has been created in this series is one that rivals stories from the Big Two. It makes me wonder if I am able to put together a D&D campaign with my friends that can even scratch the surface of Die. Hopefully, my mother doesn’t object again.


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