Written By: Robert Venditti

Pencils By: Pat Olliffe

Inks By: Tom Palmer

Colors By: Jeremiah Shipper

Letters By: Starkings and Comiccraft

Hawkman has always been one of those characters to me that isn’t interesting on his own and that needs a story where he can just be a badass. Robert Venditti’s recent run with the character has changed my entire perception of Hawkman and is shaping up to be one of my
favorites runs for a character in recent times. I love the way Venditti wrote the Green Lantern Corps in “Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps,” and because of that, I gave this book a chance. Since reading the first issue when it came out, Hawkman has climbed the ranks of my
favorite DC characters and a lot of that has to do with the vulnerability in the way that Venditti writes Carter Hall. Everyone is haunted by their past and people are always trying to find ways to outgrow it. Hawkman is a character that is eternally caught in the struggle of being trapped by his past but also not having a past to call back on. He’s caught in a vicious cycle that’s filled with loneliness and suffering, yet he’s a character that preservers to fight for the good in the world and brings a healthy dose of optimism to his situations.

“Hawkman” issue 15 is on par with the rest of this series so far. We get to dive a bit deeper into the character’s history through his past relationship with the character, The Shade, but the story takes place entirely in the present. I enjoy the issues where we look deep into Carter’s past but I’m really glad we got to see his current life fleshed our a bit more this issue along with the reintroduction of the Shade who is a character that I’m not very familiar with. We continue the story of Carter’s battles with the newly improved Shadow Thief who makes for a wonderful foil to Hawkman. I love it when you have a villain that has a totally different skill set from the hero and has a different vibe to them and the way that they do things, yet The Shadow Thief and Hawkman have very similar motivations and make for great enemies.

This issue has a really cool scene with Hawkman, The Shadow Thief, and The Shade where they are locked in battle in a room full of light, and it’s one of the most unique and cleverly written things I’ve seen in a comic book in a while. Venditti wrote this issue in a great way that
keeps the feature on Hawkman and his struggles, but also in a way that introduces new audiences to The Shade and The Shadow Thief. After reading this issue, I’d like to see more of these characters, in both the story moving forward and in back issues. Venditti continues to write a really impressive story for Hawkman and he is on the way to write a character defining arc for the character. Definitely pick this issue up, even if you haven’t read an issue of Venditti’s
run yet. It’s worth it.


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