Peter J. Tomasi, writer

Christian Duce, artist

Luis Guerrero, colorist

Rob Leigh, letterer 


In the previous issue, Wayne Enterprises’ plane is attacked by Deadshot while flying over the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, the plane is hit by a bolt of lightning and crash lands on a remote island. This issue begins, Bruce Wayne is discovered by a pair of WWII vets, one Japanese and the other American. They tend to his needs and tell him the story of how they went from enemies to friends while fighting to survive on a remote island that Bruce is now trapped. Meanwhile, Deadshot holds a group of passenger captive on the same island while making plans to locate Bruce Wayne. However, Deadshot comes under a surprise attack by Bruce Wayne before he can initiate his own offensive. 

I didn’t find this story very interesting or compelling for a couple of reasons. The introduction of two castaway WWII veterans is played out. Their backstory is interesting in that the American saves the Japanese pilot from burning to death. However, these characters feel generic and it didn’t add to the intrigue of Bruce Wayne’s situation. Layers could have been added to this arc by giving more information about the Japanese soldier’s connection to the Island and the animals living on the island. This is hinted at but never explored, which feels like a missed opportunity.

In addition, Deadshot’s character is portrayed in a robotic and uninteresting way as well. He corrals 12 prisoners in a makeshift prison and threatens to harm them if they get in his way, which seemed corny. Deadshot’s motive is to catch billionaires to collect more bounty.  However, this is not a strong motive and therefore it doesn’t add energy to the larger story. 

The art is the strength of this issue. The characters are drawn with great deal in places and with interesting facial expressions that match the situations. The coloring, mood and tone of the art supports the story and does it’s best to add drama to a bland story. O

Final Impressions

Batman is one of the most interesting characters in comics. He’s been around a long time and a lot of stories have been told about him. It remains necessary to tap into the deeper and more interesting aspects of Batman’s folklore so that the stories remain richly nuanced. This issue lacks the kind of intrigue and earthiness that a typical Batman story requires to make it intriguing.


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