Written by: Steve Orlando

Art by: Riley Rossmo

Colors by: Ivan Plascencia 

Letters by: Andworld Design

Steve Orlando’s tale of the Martian Manhunter continues in issue 8, with a quieter issue of backstory for Diane Meade. Weirdly enough, I’ve tended to enjoy these character analysis issues that give us depth and context to characters and their actions more so than the heavy energy action filled issues. I think that has more to do with the fact that I like to analyze characters and Orlando gives depth to characters really well than anything else. It’s also nice to take a break from the main story every few issues or so, just because the reader can breathe for a minute and learn about some stuff that enhances the main story.

Diane Meade’s backstory is a heartbreaking one that many can relate to. The feelings of betrayal, being rejected, and not feeling like you can really be who you want to be are some of the worst ever felt, and seeing the way that she had to deal with that helps the reader endear themselves to her. Seeing how she and the original John Jones came to be so close, contrasted with the way that her and the Martian Manhunter came to know each other is really fascinating and I liked the parallels that were drawn between the two relationships and the role that Meade played in both.

With the next issue of this maxi series being issue 9 we’re officially entering the third act of the story. We got some teases of where things are headed with the big bad of the run and I’m excited to see Martian Manhunter get to be a badass and get revenge for his people. Im also excited to see what happens with Meade’s character and see how she ends up coming out of everything. This title is paced very well, almost like an HBO show, and I’m excited for the conclusion.


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