Writer: Tom Taylor

Penciled by: Laura Braga & Darick Robertson

Inks: Richard Friend, Trevor Scott & Darick Robertson

Color: Rain Beredo

Letters: Saida Temofonte

Editor: Ben Abernathy

Let me start by saying I am a hardcore Justice League International fan. Scott, Barda, Ted Kord, and Booster Gold are characters that I care deeply about. So, it should be no surprise that I was very excited (and horrified) that Tom Taylor and team decided to do a one shot dedicated to particular characters. He also made the welcome additions of Mr. Terrific and John Constantine. Mister Terrific was a great addition to this book because we could get a look at how a man of science approaches something like this threat. We also get to see what happens when that same man runs out of options that make sense. 

I truly believe that Tom Taylor is a master of suspense. At this point in the DCeased world we know that things are not going well…like at all. People everywhere are dying and heroes and villains are falling along with them. Time is running out and so is hope. With all that being said Taylor finds a way to quickly make you care deeply about the characters he’s writing. He also finds new ways to provide the reader with hope. I was on the edge of my seat while reading this issue. Hesitating to turn pages, because I was too afraid to find out what was going to happen next. Tom Taylor makes even the most horrifying things he writes fun to read and this one shot is no exception.

This book provides a glimpse into what other heroes are doing outside of the main DCeased book. It’s a great standalone story, but it also has plenty of references and new details on the main 6 issue run. The issue runs 40 pages and it’s paced beautifully. With a horror book like this the art is so important to conveying how out of control things are. There is a specific scene featuring John Constantine running that Darick Robertson knocked out of the park. It was perfect and you could see that the normally calm and cool Constantine was truly scared for his life. Laura Braga did a fantastic job bring two of my favorites (Blue Beetle & Booster Gold) to life. Even in this bleak situation Taylor and team found a way to tap into the humor these characters bring to the table.I LOVE the lettering in this book. Saida Temofonte does an amazing job telling a story with written sound effects. You can really hear the noises in your head.

This book is a love letter to this team of 6 heroes. It’s funny, scary, sad, and hopeful. It has twists that you won’t see coming and gives you an idea of how out of control things have gotten in DCeased. Tom Taylor has figured out how to make killing characters we love entertaining. Keep up the great and horrifying work Tom.


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