Written by: Robert Venditti

Pencils by: Pat Olliffe

Inks by: Tom Palmer

Colors by: Jeremiah Shipper

Letters by: Starkings & Comicraft

Robert Venditti’s Hawkman has been a breath of fresh air in the comic book industry. For a character that is all about reliving his past, Venditti has found a way to flesh out Hawkman’s future by using his past to propel the character forward. DC comics have been caught up in trying to please fans by starting Rebirth where they returned to old continuity, but outside of a few major books there hasn’t been a whole lot done to patch up some of the holes. Venditti’s Hawkman has done a great job of doing just that for the character and paying homage to the characters best moments by taking us on journeys through the past and the future.

In issue 16 of Hawkman, we get to see the fallout from Hawkman and The Shade’s previous encounter with the Shadow Thief. Hawkman and The Shade are dealing with their previous loss and the Shadow Thief now owns their shadows. We get a good amount of time building the relationship between Carter and Swift, something that was very necessary for new readers to care about their partnership. Carter Hall has been plagued with his past this entire run, and he’s struggled with being the Hawkman that he feels the world deserves. This issue was a nice change of pace because we got to see Hall show some aggression and be a little vicious in his fight with the giant shadow dragon. That fight was really awesome and amazingly drawn by Pat Olliffe, and it serves the story instead of just being a cool action piece. 

The end of this issue sets us up for a major showdown in issue 17, and it’s one that has been building nicely. I’m super happy with Venditti’s run with this character and I’m excited to see what comes next in the story. Every character that Venditti has touched in this run has been elevated because of it, and because of that I’m excited to see where things go. 


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