Directed By Andy Muschietti
Distributed By Warner Bros. Pictures

IT all ends here. Join The Losers Club as we review the continuation of Pennywise’s reign of terror in IT Chapter Two.

As you may already know IT Chapter Two is the sequel to the 2017 film IT and remake of the 1990 version, which is also an adaption of the horror novel. So right away we already know Chapter Two has the challenge of bringing in new scares while also loosely following the source material. You may have already heard that the story starts off with bang as we do see a graphic hate crime depicted on screen that also serves as the return of Pennywise. This particular scene is definitely hard to watch but it is not in poor taste as it sets a very dark tone and gets the audience ready for horrible events to come. In response to some’s criticism of this scene they have to realize that Stephen King loves to show the evil in both the paranormal and in humans equally, so unfortunately if you were not expecting any feelings of discomfort in a movie about one of the most famous monsters of all time, that’s on you. Moving along it doesn’t take much time for our favorite losers to appear on screen as adults, and I have nothing but praise for the casting choices of our heroes. They absolutely nailed it in terms of both looks and personalities, especially with James McAvoy(Bill) and Bill Hader(Richie). We see the club reunite and we are treated to an almost normal dinner scene, the on screen chemistry between the main characters is very believable and will be sure to bring a smile to your face throughout the movie, when they’re not being terrorized that is. The unofficial leader of the group has been taken up by Mike as he is now the most knowledgeable about the clown and reveals a way to stop him for good setting the group on harrowing and life threatening mission.

I’ll try not to reveal much but each loser must complete a certain task individually and that sets up unique scares tailored to each member which also gives the movie an opportunity to display flexibility. IT has a very unique style of horror that mixes in humor very often and while it does work, comedy might have been favored a little too much. The scares were well done but relied just a little too much on CGI, it would’ve been nice to see more practical effects mixed in. When it comes to horror movies I am a firm believer in “Less is more.” What I mean by that is the illusions created by Pennywise were given a little too much screentime, therefore letting the audience get used to them, resulting in less fear experienced by the viewer. When it comes to Pennywise himself however, Bill Skarsgard has a natural talent for the horror genre and it truly shows when he brought Pennywise to life and breathed new life into Coulrophobia. Some might even argue his performance surpassed the legendary Tim Curry and there is no doubt that Pennywise has now been permanently cemented as one of scariest monsters of all time. IT Chapter Two also gave more background information on the killer clown and a glimpse into the truly bonkers universe that Stephen King created.

Overall IT Chapter Two is a good but not great horror movie that failed to surpass its 2017 predecessor. The pacing could have been improved on as 2 hours and 50 minutes seems a little unnecessary. In comparison to other entries in the horror genre, IT Chapter still stands above many and is definitely among the elite. I will have no hesitation to recommend the watch to fellow hardcore fans of horror.


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