Written by: Jason Latour

Pencils by: Bryan Hitch

Inks by: Bryan Hitch & Andrew Currie

Colors by: Tomeu Morey

Letters by: Tom Napolitano 

DC’s Year of the Villain has had its hits and misses so far, but the highlight for me has been these very personal one shot stories of random villains getting their own issues. The most important one seems to be Lex Luthor’s as he has been at the forefront of the Year of the Villain, and we finally get to read his solo story. In this issue, Lex goes on a journey through the Multiverse and interacts with several different versions of himself. I love the concept of the multiverse because of the sheer magnitude of stories that you can tell and how each one can be unique and risky without any consequences. 

It was cool to get to see the different Earth’s versions of Lex Luthor, but I’m not quite sure I understood what the point of the story was. I get that Lex wanted to interact with all of these different versions of himself and decide which ones were worthy, but I’m not sure why or if that was even his mission. That’s not to say that the issue wasn’t good or entertaining, but it just went over my head I think. The highlight of the issue was definitely the Earth where Lex was Batman, that was a unique take and a fun trip for a few pages. This whole Lex Luthor fused with Martian Manhunter situation is kind of confusing to me, and I don’t feel like any writers really understand it either, but I guess that’s the problem when you start doing weird stuff like that with characters. 

This issue is a fun one that examines Lex Luthor as a character and it’s one that shows us all the different possibilities for how someone like him could turn out. Definitely pick it up if you’re a fan of the character or if you’re just trying to keep up with the Year of the Villain, as I have a feeling that this one will end up being important down the line.


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