Written by: Frankee White

Art & Letters by: Adam Markiewicz

Colors by: AHG

Broken Bear is one of my favorite independent comics that I’ve read in a long time. This comic is phenomenal in every aspect. The world building is thorough, the characters are unique and interesting, the story is unpredictable and exciting, and the artwork is a gorgeous and cinematic lens to view the story through. This book is a wonderful blend of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and a Knight’s Tale. Game of Thrones in terms of unpredictability in the story and the progression of it, Lord of the Rings in the type of characters and the building of the world, and A Knight’s Tale In humor. 

The writing in the book is very good, the dialogue is free flowing, the story moves at a great pace, and the characters are fleshed our. My favorite thing about the book though would have to be the artwork. The art feels distinct from other things I’ve read and it has its own flavor to it that is very of the style of the story. There’s a lot of deep greens and browns throughout which make for great scenery, and there’s some really cool designs of the locations and the characters. 

Go out of your way to support this book, purchase it as a hard copy at your local comic book store or buy the digital version on Amazon or Comixology. Support independent comics and original stories, and take a chance on a book that will leave you satisfied and excited for what’s to come. This is a story that could easily find itself adapted into a film or television series one day, and I hope it’s one that finds a following.


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