Written by: Robert Venditti

Pencils by: Pat Olliffe

Inks by: Tom Palmer

Colors by: Jeremiah Shipper

Letters by: Stockings & Comicraft

Since the first issue came out a couple of years ago, “Hawkman” has been a book that I read the second I get my hands on it, and I anxiously wait for the next issue after I finish it. I say it all the time, but I genuinely believe that Robert Venditti’s run on this book will go down as the defining arc in the history of Hawkman. I’ve never felt like anyone has gotten the character as well as Venditti has and I believe that he’s the writer DC needs to go to anytime they need to straighten out a character’s history and fix the canon.

“Hawkman” 17 is the conclusion to the great story arc about Hawkman battling against the Shadow Thief with the Shade. It’s been a fun storyline that’s had some great character moments and great artwork by Pat Olliffe. I’ve really enjoyed seeing Carter’s past with the Shade being explored, and Shadow Thief has gone from a nothing character to a really interesting villain in my eyes. The final battle between Hawkman and the Shadow Thief is a really cool one that includes the Thief’s powers, and there’s a great moral struggle in the final moments between Hawkman and the Shade.

My biggest concern with this issue and this book going forward is that it ends with Hawkman being taken over by The Batman Who Laughs’ infection. It feels like DC saddled Hawkman with this and now we’re having to take a break from his story to fit their universe. I feel like Hawkman is a character that is always plagued by editorial issues like this and I wish he wasn’t involved. That being said, I think it was incorporated in a really great way throughout this issue, and I have faith that Venditti will write it well. Regardless, I have good faith in the team and I’ll follow them in whatever direction they take this character.


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