My Hero Academia Season 4 Premiere 

Air Date: 10/12/19

From FUNimation Studio

Story by Kohei Horikoshi

   Plus Ultra!! The long-awaited return of our favorite heroes in training has finally ended, as we make our return to the dorms of UA. With the previous announcement of The Symbol if Justice’s retirement, the public as well as the media have started to wonder who will step in as All-Might’s replacement.  Enter freelance investigative journalist Taneo Tokuda who has a hunch that that this void will be filled by none other than one of the students under All-Might’s care at UA. Tokuda gives off vibes of your everyday sleezy journalist willing to do whatever it takes to get the scoop, but his ulterior motives may surprise you… By the end of the episode he turns out to be a pretty likeable character who can relate pretty closely to a certain student of UA.

   Altogether, this episode mostly felt like a complete recap episode made with the intention of reminding us who the 20 students in class 1A are and what their quirks can do. While there’s nothing wrong with that and I in fact enjoyed it quiet much, I just felt that after the huge cliffhanger at the end of season 3, I finished the episode wanting just a bit more. A second issue the episode heavily focused on was the passing of the torch to the next generation of heroes. Its pretty clear Class 1A is sure to step up more into a hero role this season as the threat of The League of Villains grows in the shadows. All in all, this was a solid episode to get us acclimated for a season that’s sure to blow away all expectations. The preview for next week’s episode shows a sneak peak of the villain meet up teased at the end of season 3 and you won’t want to miss this epic collision of big bads! 


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