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Teen Titans #35


Adam Glass, writer

Bernard Chang, art

Marcelo Maiolo, colors

Rob Leigh, letters


This issue begins, D’Jinn captures Damian and places him in a cell with the other members of the Teen Titans. The next sequence reveals that Roundhouse is behind this ploy to get back at Damian for the ways he’s manipulated the Teen Titans. The other members of the Teen Titans are confused to why they too were captured. Roundhouse states that it was to save them from themselves because they have been so easily manipulated by Damian. The issue ends with a cliffhanger as Roundhouse uses the ring belonging to D’Jinn and accidentally sends her into the ring, which could mean that she trapped forever! 

The story moves from topic to topic with fluidity, which keeps the reader engaged. However, the tension in this story hangs on why Roundhouse captured Damian and the Teen Titans. He reveals that he has held on to anger he felt due to Damian’s negligence that contributed to the death of his sister, Claire. Roundhouse states that although it was accidental, Damian did not return to see if he could rescue her. This motivation feels authentic and also connects with what we know about Damian.

The confrontation between Roundhouse and Damian is a potential game-changer for Damian’s relationship with the team. Damian tries to play the empathy card and Roundhouse calls him out. These types of exchanges helps this book feel authentic because the tackle important issues in relationships. 

The art is strong and it supports the emotional atmosphere in each sequence. The bold lines and detailed emotions are evident when Crush breaks free from her chains and attacks Roundhouse. The reader can actually feel the fear the rest of the Teen Titans felt for Roundhouse as he is assaulted. 

Overall = 9/10

Final Impressions

Teen Titans continues to be one of the best books DC is publishing currently. The exchanges between characters are emotional and authentic. The solutions are not easy to identify, which feels like real life. I highly recommend this book to fans of the Teen Titans and DC Comics.    


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