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What to expect tomorrow from DC Comics 11/20/19


Here’s a quick list of DC Comic’s releases for 11/20/19

Aquaman #54
Batman #83
Batman Giant #2
Batman Superman #4
DCeased (Hard Cover)
Dial H For Hero #9
Dollar Comics Luthor #1
Flash Forward #3
Infected Scarab #1
Justice League #36
Lucifer #14
Metal Men #2
Nightwing #66
Question The Deaths Of Vic Sage #1
Supergirl #36
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #5
Teen Titans #36

My personal highlights for this week are Batman #83 written by Tom King, Which is continues the City of Bane story line, only now the true Villain has shown his face and that’s Batman, Thomas Wayne that is.

My Second highlight of the week is Flash Forward #3 which is the 3rd issue in the Wally West redemption series which has thus far seen Wally traveling through the dark multiverse cleansing worlds corrupted by the Dark Matter, in the previous issue it was revealed that Wally’s Child are indeed alive and they are living right in the heart of the darkest world there is, so i’m personally looking forward to seeing this play out.

My final Highlight of the week is the ever favorite Justice League #36 written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion the Fourth, and in this epic series we are dealing with the literal end of the world as the dark goddess Prepetuia has come into her full power and hopes to reshape the Multiverse into her original construction, and with the worlds siding with doom and the Anti Monitor at her side this battle seems nearly impossible to Win, So I’m excited to see how this series will come to an end withing the next 3 issues.


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