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Deathstroke #49


Christopher Priest, writer

Fernando Pasarin, pencils

OClair Albert & Vicente Cifuentes, inks

Jeremy Cox, colors

Willie Schubert, letters 


In the previous issue, Deathstroke’s son Jericho meets with Lex Luthor who demands Jericho return the power enhancing tech he gave him. Jericho refuses. Luthor agrees to let Jericho keep the power-enhancer, but leaves him to defend himself against Slade Wilson who wants the technology back. In this issue, Jericho continues to wrestle with the responsibility of the technology given to him by Lex. Meanwhile, Rose saves Jericho’s partner, Terrence, from Slade who pursues possession of the Lechatelierite Diode, which Lex created to enhance his powers. At the end, Jericho and Slade fight to gain possession of the Diode.

This is a straightforward action book made more interesting by Priest’s unique way of infusing the main character’s inner monologue into the story in creative ways.For example, at the beginning of the issue, there’s a gorgeous scene showing Jericho flying in the Earth’s atmosphere while he puzzles through his current situation and how it impacts his status as a hero. When does someone become a villain, Jericho asks. The thought opens up the idea to the reader that self-awareness is key to managing egocentric tendencies. 

The visual aesthetic has numerous highlights throughout the book. Several panels in the beginning of the issue walk the reader cleanly through recent events and bring the reader up to speed. The layouts are clean, detailed, and flow nicely. In addition, the fight scene between Rose and Deathstroke feel kinetic with energy. The athleticism of Rose’s fighting style comes through and the violent intent of Deathstroke is apparent in the art. 

Overall = 9

Final Impressions

Writer, Christopher Priest has helped me become interested in a book that is on the periphery for most DC  comic book readers. He does this through humanizing Jericho and pulling other minor characters, like Rose and Terrence, to the forefront. I can hardly wait to see what he has in store for the finality of this story.  


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