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Nightwing #66 Talon & The Court of Owls


Written by: Dan Jurgens

Art by: Roman Cliquet 

Colors by: Nick Filardi

Letters by: Andworld Design

Nightwing is my favorite character in all of comics, and he has been since I was first introduced 

to Dick Grayson. So it especially pains me to see what’s been happening to him in the past year or so with the whole Ric Grayson situation, which has been an abysmal experiment that is taking way to long to see itself through. I stopped reading Nightwing a few issues after he became Ric because I was sad to see the character take this direction that seemed to betray everything about him, and I’ve been able to stay away until this past issue. The idea of Dick Grayson being recruited into the Court of Owls is an interesting one, and even if it’s surrounded by this stale storyline, I think it could still be neat. Especially if it helps us get our Dick Grayson back. 

Out of all of the bad that has come from this Ric storyline, I think the idea of a team of people inspired by Nightwing is a cool idea. It shows his effect on his city and how much he meant to everyone, and it’s an interesting way to create a new set of characters that could become their own thing. I didn’t make it past their first few issues so I don’t know much about them individually, but Dan Jurgens does a good job of differentiating them from each other and making it easy for a new reader to tell them apart. The end of this issue is exciting because of what it hopefully represents for the book moving forward in the near future. 

I like the dynamic between Dick Grayson and Talon, and I think the parallels between Batman and Talon are pretty apparent. I always like stories that take a character and see how they change it a pivotal moment in their life went the opposite way. This issue does that when looking at what Nightwing’s life would have been like had Talon been there for him instead of Bruce, and I’m interested to see how Dick Grayson overcomes this situation. I’m still not a fan of Ric but Jurgens is a good enough writer that I’ll stick around to see what happens, and Like everyone else, I’m hoping that this story ends up being the one where Dick’s memory returns to him and he gets to be the Nightwing that we all want him to be. 

Rating: 3/5 Stars


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