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Teen Titans #36 Crush


Adam Glass, writer

Bernard Chang, art

Marcelo Maiolo, colors

Rob Leigh, letters


The previous issue ends with a cliffhanger as Roundhouse uses the ring belonging to D’Jinn and accidentally sends her into the ring trapping her! This issue begins with Crush in a face off with her father, Lobo. He manipulates Crush using technology provided by Lex Luthor, which makes it possible for Lobo to control Crush’s actions. He makes her harm innocent people at a carnival. Crush makes a deal so that the harm to others would stop. She has to capture the Teen Titans in return for the violence to stop. Red Arrow, Kid Flash, and Robin arrive at the carnival, learning her whereabouts from new reports of the damage she caused. The confrontation is a short one. Lobo easily captures the three Teen Titans and brings them to his employer, a mysterious character that they call The Other! 

This action-packed issue is filled with emotional ups and downs, which feel earned and relevant. The Teen Titans struggle to process how Roundhouse could betray D’Jinn and the rest of the team. While they are individually confronting Roundhouse, the conflict between Crush and Lobo is unfolding. It feels iminent that the Teen Titans will solve the riddle of locating D’Jinn and using the ring to reverse Lobo’s efforts. However, this issue ends with three members of the team in considerable peril. 

The conflict between Crush and Lobo is on another level compared to the emotional trepidation  distracting the other members of the Teen Titans. Crush is truly a titan in strength matched only by her father. The story feels layered as Lobo tightens his grip and the conflict hints at the emotional weight Crush has carried, after finding out several issues ago that Lobo is her father. 

The art is awesome in spots. My favorite panel is the spread that shows Lobo riding away on his motorcycle with the Teen Titans tied to the side panels. The bike is proportionate to Lobo’s size, packed with jet-engined propelled power, and cool to look at! My second favorite panel is one that shows Kid Flash moving two members of the team out of harm’s way using his powers. The vibration of the speed movement distorts the visuals making the kinetic energy felt by the reader. 

Final Impressions

Teen Titans continues to be a must read for me. I have bought into the dilemmas the author presents from issue to issue: The internal conflict the team has with Robin’s leadership, which leads to Roadhouses actions and which now has removed one of their most powerful members in D’JInn. I can hardly wait to see if she can be saved and how the Teen Titans can free themselves from the grasp of The Other. 

Overall = 9/10


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