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The Flash #82 Explored & Explained


Captain Cold and The Rouges have Conquered Central City and The Flash is no where to be found, Today we Explore and Explain just how we got here and what it means going forward.

The Batman Who Laughs #7 Explored & Explained

Video provided by CBL contributor @KellyOneShot518

Batman #82 “Fetch me The Pirate”


Today we explore and explain the events of Batman #82 and discussion how this Tom King run could end and how it’s results will spill into the pages of the upcoming Batman and Catwoman followup mini series.

Batman Last Knight on Earth Explored & Explained

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Heroes in Crisis #9 Explored and Explained

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40 Review: Necessary Evil Part 1


Written by Ryan Parrott

Art by Daniele Di Nicuolo

Colors by Walter Baiamonte (assistance by Daniele Ienuso)

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Nine months and nine issues in the making, the return of our original Power Rangers team is finally back. Spinning directly from Power Rangers Shattered Grid #1, we are reminded of where our Rangers have been for the past year.

With the return of our heroes of course comes the return of evil and danger on Earth. The team is back in action with a new leader, the White Ranger first appearing in an amazing splash page by Daniele and Walter. Bringing these two back brings an energy that has been missing for quite some time, I’m happy to have them back. Tommy as the White Ranger has been teased since Necessary Evil was announced February of this year.

Preview panel provided by Boom! Studios of the first panel that reveals the White Ranger
Boom! Studios Preview of the White Ranger reveal in Power Rangers #40. Art by Daniele Di Nicuolo

The biggest question when Boom! Studios announced the arrival of the White Ranger, was how exactly were they going to do it. Unfortunately we don’t get any answer to that question, instead we get more questions with even more new characters, heroes and villains. Rocky, Aisha, and Adam make their comic debut (sort of, check out Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual #1). It is revealed that they have been apart of the team for two months. It was with this reveal I felt there may be an issue or two I missed. It is very easy for Ryan to chop the two month gap to events that happened in the TV show and something they don’t necessarily need to “waste” pages or panels on. Or quite possibly something that can be saved for a future annual, but with so many questions already looming I didn’t enjoy getting more questions at this point in the story.

Ever since the beginning of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series it was announced that it would fill in gaps and stay in continuity of it’s TV counterpart. It’s Shattered Grid story brought the idea that continuity could be shifted and changed, due to our heroes having the responsibility of rewriting reality itself at the end of Shattered Grid, it was unclear what new rules Ryan or any future writer would be following, if any. With Jason, Trini, and Zack missing from the team I was curious to see if Ryan would keep the “in continuity” reason for why they are gone. And though it seems everything lines up correctly, the cliffhanger at the end of the issue plants a huge twist on the reasoning, seriously pick this issue up.

Rita Repulsa has always been a thorn in the Rangers’ side. Last we saw of Rita was in issue 30 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the penultimate issue to the Shattered Grid story, where she teamed up with the Rangers in order to stop Lord Drakkon. In this issue, Rita is nowhere to be seen but an even scarier villain makes his debut and is the reason Rita is no longer a threat to Earth. Lord Zedd takes command and seeks to not just pester the Rangers like Rita once did, but to end them. Lord Zedd’s plans introduce a brand new character from a very similar alien race to the Mighty Morphin franchise and I appreciate that Ryan continues to world build inside this franchise.

Although I enjoyed the issue I think it left me with one too many questions, it is not impossible for Ryan to answer most of these questions within the next few issues, but after nine months of missing these characters it is hard to completely agree with a story that doesn’t answer anything. Questions aside, this issue had amazing art, big reveals, and exciting world building. For any Power Rangers fan that was burned by Beyond the Grid should give this title a second chance because big things are coming!


You can get your copy of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40 at your Local Comic Shop or at the Boom! Studios website

The Batman Movie Update

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Batman #74 Explored & Explained.

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@KellyOneShot518 a CBL contributor

Year of The Villain | Lex Luthor | Explored & Explained


Today we Explore and Explain the events of today’s brand new One Shot tie in issue to Justice League Year of the Villain, Today we travel the Multiverse with Apex Lex

War of the REALMS: Jouney into Mystery-The Adventures in Babysitting (Abridged)


Written by The McElroys

Art by Andre Lima Arauja

Colors by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles

In an attempt to create wacky fun story attached to a legacy title like “Journey into Mystery” The McElroys were a hop, skip, jump, and miles away from it. The introduction to Laussa Odinsdottir was a bit random in the midst of this “War of the REALMS” and unfortunately follows a very basic and stereotypical trope in a story like this. Protect the child, save the world. We’ve seen it in television and movies, it was only a matter of time before it was put in comics (it may have already been done). And let’s not get into how cringe the sex joke was in the beginning of this issue.

War of the REALMS Journey into Mystery, the introduction to Laussa Odinsdottir

Journey into Mystery follows the character Balder, a Marvel character that like it’s been said in this issue several times, has been in Hell for some time. Balder vows to protect Laussa with his life, and thus becomes his mission. He can’t do it alone though. He is joined by Miles Morales, Power Man, Kate Bishop, Sebastian Druid, and Deathlok 2.0? A band of characters that have little to do with each other, and in all honesty, characters I was introduced to in this very issue.

I understand the significance of the “Journey into Mystery” title, it being the original title that Thor was introduced in at Marvel, but nothing drew me into the “mystery”. These characters, as new as I am to them, the format of writing and the lack of character in each of them left me not caring about any of them. As excited as I am for what’s coming up next in the main title of “War of the REALMS” this only shows that I may want to skip a good majority of the tie ins for this event.


You can get your copy of War of the REALMS Journey into Mystery at your local comic shop today.


Hawkman #12 Review

Writer: Robert Venditti Penciler: Bryan Hitch Inker: Andrew Currie, Norm Rapmund, Scott Hanna

Batman Who Laughs #7 Review

Writer: Scott Snyder  Artist: Jock  Colorist: David Baron  Letterer: Sal Cipriano