Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Art/Cover: Steve Epting

Colors: Brad Anderson

Letters: Rob Leigh

Bendis continues his build-up to DC’s next big event “Leviathan”. Someone is taking down all the clandestine organizations and Superman and Lois Lane are caught in the middle of it. Issue #1008 ended with Amanda Waller bursting in on Clark and revealing that she knows his secret identity. She then passes out from the injuries she sustained from the attack on her and General Lane, in the previous issue. Waller is taken to Superman’s fortress to recover from her injuries. This issue follows Superman trying to get to the bottom of the attacks that have taken place. Lois Lane confronts Amanda Waller and gives us one of the most satisfying panels in recent memory. Superman gets assistance on this case from a detective (Not the one you are thinking). After making several stops, Superman returns to the fortress without any answers. Lois suggests that the only way they will find out what is going on is by going undercover. Thanks to Kryptonian technology they are able to change their appearance. Chaz and Andi Donen agents of Spyral are born, and they are looking for answers.

Steve Epting’s art is phenomenal and it’s fun to see his take on several noteworthy DC locations. I also really enjoy how he shows Superman’s X-Ray vision.


  • Superman and The Question is an awesome dynamic and I look forward to seeing more of it.
  • I love that Bendis included mention of The Wonder Twins in this issue. “Great Kids”
  • No one should be surprised that Amanda Waller knows heroes secret identities and it shocks me a bit that Superman was.
  • Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane are both getting their own books soon and Bendis seems to be setting that up here.
  • If we don’t get a Matches Malone and a Chaz Donen team up someone is failing.

Final Thoughts: The issue was enjoyable and provided a series of unique character interactions. It’s clear that Bendis is building to something big and I look forward to finding out more. It left me with more questions than answers but I suppose that’s the point


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