Storytellers: Jeff Lemire and Joe Bennett

Inker: Dexter Vines & Scott Hanna

Colorist: Mike Spicer

Letterer: Tom Napolitano

Well this book started out not what I was expecting! But since Java was revealed to be the main bad guy, I have been liking this series more and more! Sure, it’s just DC’s version of Fantastic Four, but within time they went from a group of heroes to a team with major potential. Unfortunately, it took way too long to get to this point, in which this should have been the end of the first story arc. With that being said this is the last issue Lemire will be on, to make room for Gene Luen Yang. But enough with this, its time to jump into the issue!

We start off right where we left off with The Terrifics back and reunited, and boy this time does it feel so good! We see Phantom Girl, Plastic Man, Metamorpho, Tesla Storm, Element Dog, and, apparently, Plastic Man’s son, who I totally forgot about until tell they mentioned him, showing up in perfect time to help Mr. and Mrs. Terrific out. Luckily, they all square off to face their own version of a member of the Dreadfuls. Here we see the team at their finest! And even see the family come together. We even see Luke warm up to his dad.

Now even though the majority of this issue is just a big fight scene with just another version of each other, the art team really does deserve a round of applause! The book can even be seen as just a book you flip through the pages, not read the words, but read the panels of art.

Once every Dreadful member is taken out, we have a final face off between Doctor Do-, I mean Java and Mister Terrific. As we learn why Java is doing this, we come to find out that it is just the basic villain motive which is jealousy. The reasoning was cliché but could have been worse. As they face off, Mrs. Terrific was able to find the weak spots in Java’s suit to help Mister Terrific be able to hit his suit in the perfect spot for it to come apart. Personally, I felt like that part was the weakest part of the issue.

Once defeated, they took all the Dreadfuls to the heart of the multiverse, it is there that we learn that every Earth has had this type of Java problem. Which I myself have an issue with. So, is anyone warning anyone of their Earth’s Java? But anyway, we see the team coming to the final call that maybe they are better as a team than they are on their own. As the issue ends, we get a page with all the members: Mister Terrific, Mrs. Terrific, Metamorpho, Plastic Man, Offspring (Luke), Phantom Girl, and Element Dog. I really hope we don’t see more characters added to this team! I am more than excited for the next story arc. That is the real test, how it does once they defeat their first major villain and we see the team go from there! This is the perfect set up for the new creative team.


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