Writer: Grant Morrison

Art: Liam Sharp

Colors: Steve Oliff

Letters: Steve Wands

     In an epic conclusion to Hal Jordan’s battle with the Blackstars, Grant Morrison continues to deliver one of the greatest comics today, period. Morrison’s decision to bring Hal back to his space cop roots has been genius. Having succeeded in his undercover mission to obtain the trust of the Blackstars so far, once finally meeting up with Controller Mu, things start to go awry.

    This issue features a couple of nice callbacks, one being Hal’s codename “Blackstar Parallax”, the other being the return of one of DC’s more obscure characters today, Adam Strange. Setting up the former comrades in Jordan and Strange to an old fashion Wild West style duel was an absolute electrifying sequence of panels that I will not spoil, but I highly recommend you checking out for yourself. Love Hal Jordan, or even hate him, Liam Sharp’s art alone would be reason enough to be buying this book. Sharp’s impeccable details make for some of the most mesmerizing art I have ever seen filling each issue, front to back.

   There is one small complaint I have with this issue. While it wrapped up the first story arc of this series, I felt as if this single issue could have been broken up into two or three separate books, and at times the second half felt rushed. I would have liked to see things progress more slowly from after the point of the duel, elaborating more on the U-bomb and Alanna’s connection to it, as well as the final confrontation with Mu and The Countess. Even so, the way the next arc has been set up has me itching to read the next issue. I particularly enjoyed Morrison’s misdirection, using Hal Jordan’s contempt of the Guardians of the Universe to work in his favor, towards the end of the story. If this creative team keeps going at the rate they are, this could easily become one of my favorite Green Lantern runs to date.


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