Young Justice #4 Review

Kevin Vilim

Script: Brian Michael Bendis

Art: Patrick Gleason & John Timms

Colors: Alejandro Sanchez & Alex Sinclair

Letters: Wes Abbott

Between Wonder Comics, Superman, and Action Comics Brian Michael Bendis is a very busy man, and we are all better off for it. A Young Justice team featuring Superboy, Robin, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Jinny Hex, Teen Lantern, and Amethyst are fighting the dark forces of Gemworld and having some fun at the same time.

It is no secret that I pride myself on my DC Comics knowledge, but I will freely admit that Amethyst is a character I didn’t know a ton about. This issue explores her story leading up to her eventual meeting with Young Justice. Bendis makes it easy for anyone to be sucked into her story and understand what her motivations are. She is a princess who wants to protect her people. We also get a better understanding of the political climate of Gemworld. This issue contains some phenomenal Superboy action(I am so happy he is back). Bendis is taking his time and not giving everything away at once, but every issue leaves me satisfied and wanting more. This book is easily my go to for a feel good comic. When you get to the part with the hug you will know what I mean. I’m hoping that the next few issues focus on Jinny Hex and Teen Lantern. I want to love them but I need to know more first.

Patrick Gleason and John Timms are doing an excellent job of bringing Gemworld and the people that inhabit it to life. The action scenes are all very clean and they currently are drawing the best representation of a speedsters movements in comics right now. The happiness all of the characters are feeling really comes through in their art.


  • As a Minnesota Vikings fan there was one line in this book that destroyed me.
  • “Martha” The plot thickens!
  • Impulse is hilarious.
  • “I feel different” This line seems very important.
  • I’m looking forward to more Lord Opal!


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