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War of the Realms#1: The Invasion of the Lord of the Rings


Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Russell Dauterman

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by VC’s Joe Sabino

Since the dawn of Thor’s first breath Jason Aaron has written him and his Asgardian brothers and sister, well, at least it feels like that long, but it all comes to a close with War of the Realms. One war, ten realms, and of course it just so conveniently had to take place in the Realm of the Mortals. Now I’m sure Jason Aaron has some really cool parts of this story outside of Earth, and has our heroes of New York traveling through these dimensions, it’s just always funny how in your face these events get when the heroes are “forced” into the story.

Introduction to Spider-Man in Marvel’s War of the Realms #1, art by Russel Dauterman & Matthew Wilson

War of the Realms starts as any other war story should, blood, lots of it. And surprisingly a good introduction to the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. I’ve only been following Aaron’s Avengers run since Marvel’s Fresh Start in 2018, so I don’t know how many opportunities he has had to write Spider-Man, but could tell there was definitely a good voice for the character in the story.

We get a lot of exposession and set up for what this “War of the Realms” really means for New York. The “cast of the story” is shown, it’s the progression took a while but Aaron got the deed done, and introduced the major fight in this issue with a major “death” of a loved character. I say “death” because usually in these events deaths like these unfortunately get undone because the character has a large enough fanbase that would upset readers.

I will give credit to Marvel for giving Jason this series while he is writing both Thor and Avengers, he understand where these characters are with each other and how they should interact with each other, and organically set up each interaction to where it’s not forced. Thus we get awesome pages like the one below.

“Avengers Assemble” in Marvel’s War of the Realms #1, art by Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson

Overall this story was a great start to what may be the most exciting Thor driven event Jason has ever had. The art by Russell and Matthew was great, bringing all the colors they could to a war of mystical madness.

Score: 8/10

You can grab your copy of War of the Realms at your local comic shop today.


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