Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Scott Kolins

Color: Luis Guerrero

Letters: Steve Wands

The citizens of Central City are all under the control of the original Trickster James Jesse. He has everyone feeling so happy that it’s a very bad thing. The Flash is racing to free the citizens of his city and stop the Trickster before it’s too late.

Joshua Williamson has been doing an excellent job with his run on the Flash and this issue is no exception. Williamson truly understands the voice of Barry Allen and that’s what makes his run so enjoyable. This issue follows the Flash as he infiltrates Central City in an attempt to stop The Trickster from taking control. Williamson provides us with some excellent uses of superspeed in this issue and some classic Flash vs. Rogues action.

What really made this issue special is the art of Scott Kolins. Kolins is truly in his element when he is drawing the Flash and the Rogues. As long as i’ve read Flash comics Kolins has been one of the most recognizable to work with the character. We get some amazing sequences of superspeed and Kolins knows better than anyone how to make The Rogues weapons look freaking awesome. This issue isn’t as tied into the much larger story that Williamson has been telling and that’s OK because it’s nice to have a classic Flash Vs. Trickster story. Williamson does find a clever way to include the Sage Force into James Jesse’s plan. I’m also really enjoying how much depth Williamson is providing The Trickster. After all that he’s been through at Iron Heights you can almost see his side of things. The last page of this issue floored me, and I can’t wait to see what Williamson and crew have in store for us.


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