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War of the REALMS: Jouney into Mystery-The Adventures in Babysitting (Abridged)


Written by The McElroys

Art by Andre Lima Arauja

Colors by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles

In an attempt to create wacky fun story attached to a legacy title like “Journey into Mystery” The McElroys were a hop, skip, jump, and miles away from it. The introduction to Laussa Odinsdottir was a bit random in the midst of this “War of the REALMS” and unfortunately follows a very basic and stereotypical trope in a story like this. Protect the child, save the world. We’ve seen it in television and movies, it was only a matter of time before it was put in comics (it may have already been done). And let’s not get into how cringe the sex joke was in the beginning of this issue.

War of the REALMS Journey into Mystery, the introduction to Laussa Odinsdottir

Journey into Mystery follows the character Balder, a Marvel character that like it’s been said in this issue several times, has been in Hell for some time. Balder vows to protect Laussa with his life, and thus becomes his mission. He can’t do it alone though. He is joined by Miles Morales, Power Man, Kate Bishop, Sebastian Druid, and Deathlok 2.0? A band of characters that have little to do with each other, and in all honesty, characters I was introduced to in this very issue.

I understand the significance of the “Journey into Mystery” title, it being the original title that Thor was introduced in at Marvel, but nothing drew me into the “mystery”. These characters, as new as I am to them, the format of writing and the lack of character in each of them left me not caring about any of them. As excited as I am for what’s coming up next in the main title of “War of the REALMS” this only shows that I may want to skip a good majority of the tie ins for this event.


You can get your copy of War of the REALMS Journey into Mystery at your local comic shop today.


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