Writer: Kelly DeConnick

Pencils: Robson Rocha

Inks: Daniel Henriques

Colors: Sunny Gho

In the journey that is “UNSPOKEN WATER” Arthur has found himself with no name, no memory, and the title that is king has been long since forgotten. In this game of lost and found ,he keeps playing, the glimpses of a red haired woman keep haunting him. Arthur must keep fighting if he’s ever going to be whole again. One by one, Arthur’s Atlantean abilities slowly return to replenish the spirit of the great king but it can’t be that easy – can it? Namma, the salt God, is here to make sure that it isn’t!

In this pulse pounding action packed issue, Aquaman will have to fight back – no more rituals, no more magic, no more ocean Gods! A fully berserk Namma in dragon form is at his back, and ready to finish it. To save his new friends he must do the unthinkable and call out into the abyss, in hopes that whatever returns the call is an ally of the ocean.

I really enjoyed this whole story arc and issue from the ocean God mythology. The whole mystery that surrounded the island’s inhabitants, to Arthur having to fight tooth and nail for his identity to find any clues to who he once was. Very much a story of perseverance, about a man with no name and no past who contains the spirit of a true hero no matter what. This issue definitely has my favorite ending that will leave a lot fans really happy and excited for what is to come.


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