Written By: Kyle Starks

Art By: Erica Henderson

Letters: Deron Bennet

Published By: Image Comics

Release Date: April 17th, 2019

Assassin Nation #2 continues the story of the now shortened list of the world’s best assassins working as bodyguards for the crime boss, Rankin. The somewhat cooperative gang (Bishop, F@#k Tarkington, Dave, Mamba Twins, Connie The Tank, Wistful Stan, Smoke, and Chad Fingerman) get a brief break to bicker with each other and plan their next move after the recent unexpected shootout. As the assassins attempt to talk instead of shoot, some very interesting details about each member is brought to life.

In this small break in the action we get a very interesting look into the background of these badasses and how they got into this unique line of work. Once a brief glimpse is shown you start to realize that these hitmen aren’t all that bad,in fact they’re even relatable! These dangerous men and women had surprisingly modest beginnings and that fine detail adds a more human feel to these hitmen. The backstories give each character more depth and the exploration of each assassin makes it even easier to find a favorite character. More information is given about all these characters but Bishop continues to be the centerpiece of the storyline and the leader of the team. Bishop a widower on a mission for revenge for the murder of his late husband, committed by an unknown assailant. Of course, this second installment of Assassin Nation did not forget to throw in more explosive action that may or may not have shortened the remaining list of assassins even further!

I really do admire when a writer has no hesitation to not only kill off main characters but do so in brutal fashion. In my opinion a story becomes boring very quickly when a character has obvious plot armor. Whenever bullets start flying and cars start exploding, I need to be genuinely concerned about which character might get the axe or else I quickly lose interest, especially when a series is just starting out. Fortunately, that is not a problem here and Assassin Nation is proving, yet again, that anything can happen at any moment. The second installment of this fresh new comic series brings in a healthy mix of character development and explosive action. For those of you that have not started reading Assassin Nation I strongly recommend you change that! The next issue promises more action as the group decides to take the offensive. Make sure you catch up on the series before Assassin Nation #3 drop on May 22nd, 2019!


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