Writers: Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker

Art: Jamal Campbell

Letters: Wes Abbott

There are some stories that you know will be remembered fondly. Naomi is one of those stories. I’ll freely admit that when I was baby I was put up for adoption and spent my teenage years trying to find out anything I could about my birth parents. Maybe that is why this story speaks to me so much. Naomi wants answers, and boy oh boy does this issue deliver her wish. We find out how her parents met and what their connection to Dee is. Bendis and Walker are doing a brilliant job of pulling back the layers on this small town mystery. This is a mystery, but it’s also a hero’s origin story. This issue shows us the “ secret origin” of Naomi.

Jamal Campbell is doing an amazing job with this book. You can see every emotion each character is experiencing thanks to his beautiful work. It is no easy task for a new character/book to stick the landing, but Naomi is doing this with ease. Bendis and Walker have made these brand new characters easy to love. I look forward to learning more. Issue #5 is going to be big.


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