Writer:Peter Tomasi

Pencils: Brad Walker

Inks: Andrew Hennessy

Colors: Nathan Fairbairn

In the wake of The Day Bomb, The Arkham Knight is here. He is just as brutal as Bruce, if not more with his boot on his neck – options are limited. You cannot argue the parallels are as plain as day with the Arkham Knight being the dark and twisted version of Batman. It is definitely someone Bruce knows… but who?

Enter Robin, everyone’s favorite Robin is back! As someone who was a huge fan of Tomasi’s 2011 Batman and Robin run, it is very exciting seeing these characters back with Peter. The dialogue goes without saying – it is one of the shining components of this great issue.

Another favorite I took away from this issue is all the possibilities with Arkham Knight. This is a villain who thinks he is on the righteous side of good and that Batman is the big monster above all the monsters. The question still nags – Who is the Arkham Knight? I have my theories especially with the reveal at the end and who he showed himself to be. The game is over and the helmet is off!


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