Storytellers: Joshua Williamson & Howard Porter

Color: Hi-Fi

Cover: Porter & Hi-Fi

Every hero has a beginning and when one has been around for 63 years it’s never a bad idea to offer a modern take on that origin. The Flash: Year One offers readers a new glimpse into the begining of Barry Allen’s time as the Flash. Williamson has been writing Barry Allen since the beginning of DC Rebirth, so it’s very fitting that he’s the one to tell this story. The thing I enjoy most about Williamson’s writing is that he understands the mind of Barry Allen. This issue demonstrates over and over again how smart Barry is before he gets his powers. I love the time Williamson takes to show Barry doing police work. The pacing of this book is fantastic and it actually feels like the book speeds up once Barry gets struck by lightning. Seeing Barry navigate his newfound powers is really enjoyable. I wouldn’t be upset if the new Flash movie used this book as inspiration. I thought that this was going to be standard origin story, but Williamson makes it very clear in the last couple pages that we haven’t seen anything like this before. Howard Porter and Hi-Fi are the perfect artistic duo to bring this book to life. Porters art as always is excellent. Their take on Barry’s accident is just straight up awesome. As the issue moves forward Hi-Fi uses more and more color. I took this to represent Barry truly starting to live for the first time in a long time. Throughout the issue this team puts plenty of “easter eggs” for Flash fans to enjoy. The cliffhanger at the end of this book will leave you wanting more.

Flash Fact: I’m very into the direction this book is headed.


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