Writer: Scott Snyder

Art: Jock

Colors: David Baron

Letters: Sal Cipriano

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Batman is at war, war with his most terrifying villain ever, himself! The Batman Who Laughs! The Nightmare Batman, a dark and twisted shadow of Bruce Wayne is ripping through the city leaving everyone in his path devastated. Gotham is just as much a part of Batman as the cape and the cowl – without it what would Batman be? The BMWL tends to find out exactly that!

The Batman Who Laughs has a crippling endgame for Gotham that is The Last Laugh. With Bruce doing everything in his power to stop him, but how do you stop someone who is you? A Nightmare version of you who knows each and every thought and memory. Batman has always used darkness and fear to break the criminals in his gallery and this story is that 10 fold, Batman will go down his darkest and most brutally twisted path EVER! It will blow your head off.

In a wild gambit the BMWL will track down an old villain, in hopes to help him bring about the end of Gotham. In an amazing call back to the New York Times Best Selling New 52 Batman run, this will have everyone running and screaming. This is easily the darkest take on Batman and his mythos – you are in for the bloodiest and most brutal ride of your lives!


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