Writer: Kelly DeConnick

Art: Viktor Bogdanovic

Inker: Daniel Henriques

Colors: Sunny Gho

We pick up right after Aquaman fought and defeated Namma the Salt God, with the help of the Old Gods he remembered his powers and ability to speak to ocean life. The Father Ocean brings him his lost trident, slowly but surely the King of Atlantis rebuilding the pieces of his former life. The Old Gods are performing a ritual to bring the rest of Arthur back.

No more dragons, no more Old Gods. Andy must enter the Mother Shark himself and become one with the Sunken Forest, which is an inception-like dream state where he must purge himself of Andy and bring back Arthur. Aquaman must fight through the memories and flashbacks to become complete. He remembers his mother’s love and her selfless sacrifice to keep him alive. He recalls his friends from the Justice league and then finally asks the Mother Shark about the mystery red-haired woman he keeps seeing. Love is pain and pain is love; Arthur may not like the answer he gets in this last page monster reveal.

This issue was easily one of my favorites of any Aquaman comic book run. The focus of life, death and rebirth. The magic of life that clings to the King, the true warrior spirit we see within Arthur, as he endures unbelievable pain and torment is truly poetic. To have everything he has ever loved and holds dear taken from him and still he fights.


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