Writers: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV

Artists: Jorge Jimenez & Javier Fernandez

Colors: Alejandro Sanchez & HiFi

Letters: Tom Napolitano

   Doubling as an epic conclusion to the Sixth-Dimension story arc as well as laying the groundwork for the upcoming Year of The Villain summer event, Justice League #25 delivers the best issue of the series to date. I know I sound like a broken record when I say Justice League is easily in my Top 3 comics out right now, but when you add such high caliber writing to an equally powerful artistic team its going to be tough to top it. We begin the issue with the team of Snyder and Jimenez wrapping up their Sixth-Dimension arc. The League now faces down they’re very own Batman, now equipped with a Son-Box powered suit of armor capable of altering minds at the cellular level. Picture the Hulk buster suit from the MCU but designed by Batman, now add the high-tech weaponry of Cyborg; whatever you’re picturing in your head still isn’t nearly as badass as the Son-Box suit really is. Jorge Jimenez has earned himself a spot amongst some of today’s best artists, his work in Justice League speaks for itself. From the faded red and yellow “S” revealing itself under Clark’s white shirt as he stands under the rainfall, to the amazing sequence of Superman getting a super solar recharge and fighting his way back to the World Forger; Jimenez continues to produce top-notch work. Scott Snyder brings us one of the most beautiful moments in recent comic memory by closing out the “Kent Family Lantern” flashback. Watching Superman draw strength from his past, present, and future to overcome his abyssal prison is enough to make any comic fan ecstatic.

   Switching gears, we make it to the second half of issue 25 titled, The Message. Without giving too much away, after a hard-fought battle with unexpected results the League does arrive back to the Hall of Justice on Earth; but not with the same number of members they left with…  Greeted by Mera, Starman, and Jarro; they’re quickly informed what they thought was merely hours in the sixth dimension was truly weeks on their world. In the midst of their absence Lex Luthor set his plans of engulfing the world in doom into action. Just what extremes has Luthor gone to this time to achieve his goal? Tynion does a fantastic job in detailing the severity of the situation, as things have gone from bad to worse while the league was on their interdimensional adventure. Fernandez brilliantly captures the League’s expressions of anger and disbelief as they review Luthor’s transmission to the world. We are now entering The Year of The Villain and things are only going to get worse from here on out.


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