Writer: Bryan Hill

Artist: Dexter Soy

Colorist: Veronica Gandini

With Sofia Ramos a Meta-human teenager missing and running for her life – How will she survive? Enter Outsiders, with everyone’s favorite covert ops team on the rise, Batman entrusts all his resources to Black Lightning and his new team. Does his new team trust him? Things aren’t always what they seem, or are they? Batman is keeping secrets, secrets that can very well get The Outsiders killed.

Batman always has a contingency plan, that’s where Kaliber comes into play. Here to save Sofia and keep her out of the hands of The Demons Head, Ra’s Al Ghul, who is in the business of Meta-human trafficking. His goal is to bring in all the Metas from the Ark Program.

With Sofia at her wits end ready to give up hope, all hell breaks loose. War is here and The Outsiders will do anything they can to stop Ra’s and save Sofia. This issue is filled with action and a gripping plot that keeps you locked and loaded. You will be ready to jump up and fight the bad guys.


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