Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Will Conrad

Colorer: Jeremiah Skipper

Letterer: Richard Starkings

Release Date: June 12th, 2019

We’ve made it through the first year of this new series of Hawkman and what a year it was! A revamped and updated origin that tied into a new direction and foe. Then there were the new reincarnations. All of this culminated in a final battle of epic proportions. Now we begin Year Two of this great series and look forward to what Robert Venditti has in store for readers.

The story opens with Hawkman traveling through space in his ship, destination unknown. Readers are greeted to a pretty awesome tidbit of his vessel, Carter’s library/museum. As an archaeologist, of course, he would have a room like this on his ship. Now we might think this is full of great works of literature and relics. That’s not exactly the case. This museum is full of items and journals from Carter’s past…or rather pasts in the plural. These journals contain the focus of the story – a lone soldier from the planet Nebulen, a planet ravaged by a terrible war for close to 500 years. You’ll have to read the issue to find out what happens!

This issue is a great reminder of the fact that not only does Carter reincarnate throughout space and time, but Shayera does as well. I feel like this little tidbit creates more questions that I look forward to exploring with Venditti. We now know how and why Carter reincarnates. How does Shayera factor into the equation? Hopefully, we’ll learn more in the coming months!

The guest artist for this particular issue is Will Conrad and I must say, he is a great follow-up to Bryan Hitch. If I didn’t know the stylistic changes between the two, I’d swear that issues 12 and 13 were done by the same artist. The level of detail that Conrad brings to his panels…from each piece of armor to the war-torn battlefield…it’s just awesome. I especially love the little Hawk motifs that are spread throughout the issue on Carter’s helmets. Very creative! Jeremiah Skipper’s work on this book’s colors shouldn’t be forgotten either. His colors really bring the ravaged battlefield to life. The smoke, the weapons fire, the explosions. All are fantastically done.

This issue is the perfect jumping on point for new readers. Go out and pick it up today!


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