Batman #73 Review

Kevin Vilim

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Mikel Janin

Colorist: Jordie Bellaire

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

It’s very appropriate that I write this review on Father’s Day. I just got off the phone with my  dad, and we reminisced about what we used to do for fun when I was a kid. At the top of the list was watching western movies. Growing up, every weekend in our house was filled with John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Gary Cooper. The reason I’m bringing this up is because Tom King managed to make me feel like a kid again on the couch with my dad. Watching a rugged ranger make his way across the desert on a quest for justice. I can honestly say that this was my favorite issue of Batman so far. Bruce has been defeated by Bane (for now), and his father Thomas Wayne has taken him out of Gotham. This issue was fantastic from start to finish. I love how King has been writing the character of Thomas Wayne. He’s a man who is on a specific mission and is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. The best part about this issue is that King makes it clear how much Thomas loves his son. Everything he has done so far in his eyes is to benefit Bruce. If you recall in The Button the last thing Thomas says to Bruce is:

“Don’t Be Batman. Please you don’t have to do this. Don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for your mother. Be a father for your son in a way I could never be for you. Let the Batman die with me”

I suspect that tells us everything we need to know about Thomas Wayne’s motivations. He’s a father who wants the best for his son. King is nearing the endgame of his run on Batman and he hasn’t lost a step. The pacing of this issue is wonderful and the dialogue between father and son is excellent. I can’t state enough how much I enjoy how King writes Thomas specifically. King is joined in this issue by an all star creative team. Mikel Janin’s art on Batman is as good as it gets. There is some exciting action and some emotional beats that Janin shows beautifully. One of the coolest parts of this issue is the fact that Thomas Wayne is singing throughout various points on his journey. Clayton Cowles lettering brilliantly illustrates this and it adds to the experience. Jordie Bellaire’s coloring ties the whole book together. She creates great contrast between the dessert and the characters in it. I should also mention that how she colors the eyes of Flashpoint Batman’s cowl is so visually striking. It’s one of my favorite parts about his costume. Anytime these four work together the result is a beautiful book that works on every level.

Tom King has stated that he’s got something big planned for Batman. Something that will change the character forever. The last two pages of this issue indicate that King is about to step on the gas and not let up until he reaches issue 85. I’m very happy to be along for the ride.


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