Writer: Ryan Parrott

Illustrated: Eleonora Carlini

                   & Francesco Mortarino

Inks: Simona Di Gianfelice

Colors: Raul Angulo

Letters: Ed Dukeshire

  If you ever sat down to watch Saturday morning cartoons in the 90’s chances are you’ve seen an episode of The Power Rangers or two. For many of us as kids, the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers played a key role in our Saturday mornings, mine in particular. So, when I heard of the two comics coming out of BOOM studios that were based on the OG series, I couldn’t help myself but to dive right in. Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers is the culmination of Ryan Parrott’s 20 issue run that’s tackled the beginning of our favorite technicolored teenagers run as the Power Rangers. Bound by Zordon’s first robotic companion Alpha-1, who has since turned on Zordon and the rangers in an effort to wipe out both sides of the war to end it once and for all.  

Along the way we’ve seen the rangers battle their arch nemesis, Rita Repulsa, and her army of monsters that fans of the show will recognize. As well as new additions like Rita’s mother Lady Fienna. One of my favorite moments in this issue is the show down between Rita and Fienna, showing just how far Rita will go to pull off her wicked scheme. Parrott does an excellent job creating a truly evil villain in Rita who was often viewed as not much more than a cackling witch on the show.

  I can go on and on about the nostalgia of the story all day and night, but I need to take a moment to tell you about the top of the line art that graces the pages of this comic front to back. The Artistic team is spectacular, especially when it comes to the action sequences in the book.  The panels of the fight between the rangers and Alpha-1, now Megazord sized and composed of TV monitors and cars on the street, is a great example. Angulo does a killer job on colors, in a comic that’s based on 5 colorful teenage warriors Angulo still manages to draw your eyes to the bursts of lightening and laser blasts. I could give praise to every panel in this book, but it would just take too long. If you’re a fan of great art, its reason enough to buy this book.

If you grew up watching the show and loved it like myself you DEFINITELY need to buy this book. It does help if you’ve been reading Go Go Power Rangers to be caught up with the story, but with plenty of great callbacks to the show this is an issue all Power Rangers fans should add to their collection.


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